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Visual Controls to Match Your Music

Aside from the basic stuff like uploading your own band logo and favicon – we’ve got a ton of cool visual options to make it easier to customize.

You can choose any colour from a colour selector or hex code for your main & accent colours. There is also a “details” section to choose to switch the walnut wood little details throughout the site to the main colour selected, flattened concrete, or gold metal.

On every page there is a photo underneath the menu which can be swapped out when you’d like. First, you upload a ‘default’ photo that will appear on every page. When you’re creating new pages or posts, you can override the default photo per page by uploading a new ‘Header Image’.

If you know a bit of CSS, there is an ‘Advanced’ box for you to paste in your own custom CSS for even further visual changes. To change the fonts you can install a free plugin like Google Fonts to completely change the feel of the site.

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