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Responsive Theme: Designed & Built for desktops, tablets & phones

We didn’t think you would want your site to just merely shrink onto phones and tablets. We know you wanted it to work just as well on a phone if not better than it does on a desktop or laptop.

We designed the theme from the ground up considering how every element would work on other devices  – so that everything would come together perfectly. Your fans are going to love keeping up to date with your band on their phones.

To try it out, boot up the website on your tablet or phone or you can simulate it a bit by dragging in the window size of your browser to see how the website adapts to different sizes.



Here’s an example of what a comment looks like. Don’t worry – even all the comments are responsive too and we designed them to look more like a conversation with easy comment threading.

Looks pretty sweet!


Just showing what a comment looks like once it’s been replied to. Let’s keep it up!


Here’s another reply too so you can get a better idea of how the threaded replies work in the WordPress comments.



Cool, I think I’m starting to get the idea. So basically, you could have a pretty good following here all posting comments and it’d still makes sense (more or less).

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