Dance Your Way to Stagecoach!



Dance Contest

Tuesday, April 4th

Registration begins @ 7PM & Dance Contest begins @ 8PM

All participants compete in a total of 6 rounds. First three rounds are Partner Contests and the next three rounds are Individual Dance Contests. Tickets will be awarded to the top 4 individuals from all 6 rounds for a total of 4 tickets (1 per person). Competitors are allowed to choose their own partner for the Partner Contests. Non-competitors assisting participants will not be judged.


Partner Dances

1. El Paso

2. We Danced

3. Announced Day Of Contest

Individual Dances

4. Walk The Line

5. Turn Me Loose

6. Announced Day Of Contest


4 TICKET GIVEAWAY – Top 4 winners receive:

• 1 Stagecoach General Admission Pass ($300 Value!)

• A chance to be on the official Stagecoach Honky Tonk Dance Team

• Moonshine Beach Gift Card