Dance Your Way to Stagecoach!






Dance Contest

Thursday, March 22nd

Registration begins @ 7PM & Dance Contest begins @ 8PM

All participants compete in a total of 6 rounds. First three rounds are Partner Contests and the next three rounds are Individual Dance Contests. Tickets will be awarded to the top 4 individuals from all 6 rounds for a total of 4 tickets (1 per person). Competitors are allowed to choose their own partner for the Partner Contests. Non-competitors assisting participants will not be judged.

Line Dances

Cowboy Up
Walk The Line
Turn Me Loose

Partner Dances

Cowboy Cha Cha
We Danced
2-Step Partner Dance



Greg Raneiri
KSON Radio Host



Joe Savant
Culture Shock Dance Center Owner



Richie Prospal
The Facility Dance Studio Owner



Channing Luke-Silver
Remixer Lukesavant


4 TICKET GIVEAWAY – Top 4 winners receive:

• 1 Stagecoach General Admission Pass ($300 Value!)

• A chance to be on the official Stagecoach Honky Tonk Dance Team

• Moonshine Beach Gift Card