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Responsive Theme: Designed & Built for desktops, tablets & phones

We didn’t think you would want your site to just merely shrink onto phones and tablets. We know you wanted it to work just as well on a phone if not better than it does on a desktop or laptop.

We designed the theme from the ground up considering how every element would work on other devices  – so that everything would come together perfectly. Your fans are going to love keeping up to date with your band on their phones.

To try it out, boot up the website on your tablet or phone or you can simulate it a bit by dragging in the window size of your browser to see how the website adapts to different sizes.

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Features - posted on January 4, 2014 by

Visual Controls to Match Your Music

Aside from the basic stuff like uploading your own band logo and favicon – we’ve got a ton of cool visual options to make it easier to customize.

You can choose any colour from a colour selector or hex code for your main & accent colours. There is also a “details” section to choose to switch the walnut wood little details throughout the site to the main colour selected, flattened concrete, or gold metal.

On every page there is a photo underneath the menu which can be swapped out when you’d like. First, you upload a ‘default’ photo that will appear on every page. When you’re creating new pages or posts, you can override the default photo per page by uploading a new ‘Header Image’.

If you know a bit of CSS, there is an ‘Advanced’ box for you to paste in your own custom CSS for even further visual changes. To change the fonts you can install a free plugin like Google Fonts to completely change the feel of the site.

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4 Backgrounds & Custom CSS Shading

The new Dark N Gritty comes with 4 built in killer backgrounds designed for musicians. Painted black brick, flattened concrete, black leather grain, and gritty bar wood (oak).

If you have something else in mind – that’s totally cool. Choose the custom background option to use the WordPress core background upload to add your own image.

It’ll even keep our custom CSS3 shading to keep your own graphics dark and gritty.

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Social Features to Keep your Fans Engaged

We have a built in Twitter widget. Just add your oAuth details and drop our widget to where you want it to appear.

Encourage your fans to share your posts by “liking” or tweeting your individual blog posts.

You know your fans are on every platform so keep the conversation going by reaching out to them. If you’ve got a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. – that’s sweet. You can link out to them with our social media link selector. Choose the service and add your URL and links will appear at the top of your site and footer. The icons are retina and responsive too. When the windows are small or if your fans are on their phones, it’ll turn into a small little square icon.

Here are the social media logos we have included: Amazon, BandCamp, Bandsintown, Beatport, BigCartel, CDBaby, Facebook, Flickr,  a few general merch store buttons in case you sell your merch on another service, Google Play, Google Plus, iLike, Instagram, iTunes, iTunes Radio, LastFM, Mixcloud, MySpace, Pandora, Pinterest, Purevolume, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Vevo & Youtube.

With WordPress you can install a ton of other free plugins to add even more social features to your site.

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Full-width Slider or Conversion Box

The slider is a gorgeous, retina, responsive & full-width and you can even embed a Vimeo or Youtube with your latest video on top of an image.

If you don’t like the slider, choose the conversion box option. It keeps it simple and straightforward and only promotes one thing and promotes it really damn well. Put an engaging piece of content on the left like your latest single on Soundcloud or Youtube video and on the right put something like a newsletter sign-up with a reward like a free mp3 download, etc. Easily controlled by new widget spots in your WordPress when the conversion box is activated.

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